For the purpose of ensuring the right functioning of this website there are small data files called cookies which are stored on your device. It is currently a commonly used tool.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is sent from websites and stored on your computer of mobile device during browsing websites. It allows the given website to remember your actions and configurations (e. g. login ID, language, font size and other configurations) during a certain period of time, so you do not have to repeatedly enter them when you return to the same websites.

How we use cookies

Our websites use cookies to remember the user settings and to achieve a better adjustment of the websites to the interests of its visitors.

Although cookies are not strictly necessary for functioning of the websites, they provide a higher comfort when visiting them. Cookies can be removed or blocked, but in this case some features of these websites do not have to function as determined.

Information related to cookies are not used for your personal identification. These cookies are not used for purposes other than the ones described here.

How to manage cookies

Cookies can be controlled and/or removed according to your needs. You can remove all the cookies stored on your device and most of the browsers enable settings which prevent from storing cookies. In this case you will probably need to manually adjust some settings as well as some services and features every time you browse websites.