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ZEMPLÍN SHOPPING CENTRE, also called ZEMPLÍN CENTRE, first opened its gates on the 29th of March 2008, shortly after 9.00 a.m. With its area of 7,500 m2 it is the first and the biggest shopping centre in Zemplín region where you can find attractive and famous fashion brands of trendy clothes, shoes, accessories and services.

Thanks to shops such as NEW YORKERTAKKO FASHIONGATE, or MUSTANG also the young people and teenagers will certainly come into their own. Neither the elegant and party fashion is missing. You can find it in boutiques such as ADAMŠARM and MKV FASHION.

Footwear shops – DEICHMANN and BEREVI offer to the customers a wide range of women’s, men’s and children’s shoes, casual and party shoes as well as leisure and sports shoes.

Ladies who love jewellery will find stunning silver and gold jewels or Swarowski crystals in the jewellery shop FRANK. The well-known brand KARA, offering imitation leather products, real and faux fur and fur coats for women as well as men, is situated on the ground floor of ZEMPLÍN SC. Beautiful stockings of various patterns copying the most recent fashion trends as well as quality socks for children and men can be found in the signature boutique BEPON. Trendy signature ladies’ underwear, panties and bras of various styles and colours for different occasions – everything can be found in the shop LINTEA. And because young ladies and little girls want to be pretty too, in the shops BELLEZZE and PINKY CLUB they can find a wide variety of imitation jewellery, handbags, purses and other accessories. The drugstore 101 DROGERIE offers the greatest variety of goods. Its assortment will certainly come in handy, whether you need some household products or cosmetics for yourself or as a gift. Flowers is an integral part of our lives, of our happiest as well as the saddest days. The flower shop (KVETINÁRSTVO) with its colourful selection of flowers and services cannot be missing in ZEMPLÍN SC.

Sporting goods for occasional as well as first-rate sportsmen are available in EXISPORT.

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In ZEMPLÍN SC there is also the biggest bookstore in Zemplín PANTA RHEI – and there is nothing more to say about it.

Well, and if you get hungry during shopping, hurry up with all your family to our FOODCOURT where you can buy tasty and various foods at excellent prices, ready within 5 to 15 minutes. If you fancy having a pizza, do not miss PIZZERIA BON GIORNO, if you would like to enjoy traditional food, try the restaurant GURMÁN or BON APPETIT with a rich variety of daily menus, and if your taste buds yearn for foreign cuisine – then ASIA FAST FOOD is the right choice for you. Good appetite!
Would you like something sweet or a good coffee and your children fancy a sweet pudding? You are welcome to visit the cafés MUSETTI and PEOPLE on the first floor or MONACO on the ground floor. You will be gladly served by nice personnel and offered the greatest selection of coffees, teas and sweet treats. If you want to take excellent teas, coffees or sweets home, you must visit the shop ČAJOVŇA on the first floor. Beautiful tea and coffee sets, tea-pots and accessories are sold there too.

Services are also available in ZEMPLÍN SC. In the hair studio ESTER they will create the perfect cut, colour or hairstyle for you. If you want a beautiful tan in winter as well as in summer, try our SOLÁRIUM of the first floor. If you need a new phone, there is the shop MOBILONLINE on the first floor or the stylish ORANGE shop on the ground floor. If you need an interesting gift for your family, partner or friends, you will surely get some help in the gift centre DARČEKOVÉ CENTUM on the ground floor. And with a perfume from the well-known FANN PARFUMÉRIE you cannot make a mistake :) This shop, which offers decorative cosmetics and various perfumes of foreign as well as home brands for men, women and children, can also be found here. Your children will definitely be the happiest in the toy shop DRÁČIK, where they will feel like in a fairy-tale world with their favourite characters. And if you need to have your coats, jackets, fur coats, table cloths, bedclothes or anything cleaned, right next to the entrance from Zemplínska šírava you will find the great dry cleaner ČISTIAREŇ. Do you need instant cash, to deposit or withdraw money, a mortgage or just some advice about your finance? SLOVENSKÁ SPORITEĽŇA bank on the ground floor of ZEMPLÍN SC next to the bookstore is at your disposal.

In our ZEMPLÍN SC we regularly organize for your and your offspring PERFECT EVENTS, full of competitions, interesting program and famous personalities. Information about upcoming events can be found on our website, Facebook, posters, leaflets or the spot on TV REGIÓN.

ZEMPLÍN Shopping Centre has been built in order to give the citizens of Zemplín and others the possibility of comfort shopping under a single roof, the possibility to have a rest, have fun and relax. Its aim is to offer a high standard and quality, which Zemplín missed for a long time. And this is successfully achieved thanks to each of you. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you in the shops and events in ZEMPLÍN SC.

Facts and numbers

Zemplín Shopping Centre has an excellent accessibility from the main road leading to Zemplínska šírava. In front of the complex there is a strategic bus station for those who come from the nearby villages to the town of Michalovce. The original bus station next to the manor house was abandoned and the one next to the ZEMPLÍN SC has become the main bus station in the town centre. All these advantages provide the ideal place for shopping, fun and leisure. The shopping centre is situated approximately 400 m from the pedestrian zone and right next to the Kaufland supermarket.

Opening: 29th of March 2008
Gross leasable area: 7,500 m
Number of commercial units: ground floor: 24 commercial units, 1st floor: 26 commercial units
Number of parking spaces: 300
Population / attraction area: Michalovce region 109,121 people / up to 30 min 250,000 people

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